Dartanan – Play&Tune Bundle licence

Dartanan – Play&Tune Bundle licence



Play & Tune is an application developed for Pc and Mac and it allows elderly end-users to simulate a series of virtual scenes in which both the sound and a virtual hearing aid can be calibrated (e.g. a restaurant with a lot of people talking around the listener, or a noisy street, etc.) through a set of simple-to-use and engaging gaming applications. While playing, the end-users can calibrate parameters such as left-right levels, noise reduction or directivity.

Dartanan is a classic platform game in a similar style of Nintendo’s classic Super Mario. It is a leisure game that also contains serious games: children can play the main game with their friends and parents, and the mini-games can be adapted to different target devices for training and learning purposes.

This package contains 50+50 bundle licenses.


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