HearinGame Studio

HearinGame Studio is a family of interlinked applications designed and developed for people with acoustic disabilities.

AudGam Pro

is aimed at audiologists and hearing aid users from all age groups. Its main goal is to assist audiologists in providing a flexible environment to simulate multiple everyday situations for their patients from the comfort of their clinic, and to help hearing impaired people learn about the functions of their hearing aids. The application helps the audiologists to assess hearing loss, fit the hearing aids and demonstrate the potential of hearing aids.


is a classic platform game in a similar style of Nintendo’s classic Super Mario. It is a leisure game that also contains serious games: children can play the main game with their friends and parents, and the mini-games can be adapted to different target devices for training and learning purposes

Play & Tune

is an application developed for Pc and Mac and it allows elderly end-users to simulate a series of virtual scenes in which both the sound and a virtual hearing aid can be calibrated (e.g. a restaurant with a lot of people talking around the listener, or a noisy street, etc.) through a set of simple-to-use and engaging gaming applications. While playing, the end-users can calibrate parameters such as left-right levels, noise reduction or directivity.

Disruptive healthcare technologies

HearinGame Studio is a family of applications targeted to people with hearing impairment and audiologists. These applications have been developed in collaboration with leading European research centres and using custom-made software modules

Audio spatialisation

This allows the positioning of virtual sound sources around the listener, emulating different distances and different environmental acoustic characteristics. The spatialisation can be performed for devices other than hearing aids, such as headphones (employing the binaural technique) and loudspeakers.

Hearing loss simulator

A given hearing loss can be then simulated within the virtual environment, causing the listener to hear sounds filtered through the hearing loss model. This includes dynamic equalization, multi-band compression/expansion, non-linear distortion, and degradation of temporal and spatial resolution.

Hearing aid simulator

The emulation of a hearing aid can be then added at the end of the processing chain. This includes functions such as selective amplification, high/low pass filters, dynamic equalization, directional processing, dynamic range compression/expansion, and signal re-quantisation.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I played with all the apps of HearinGame Studio and I’m very happy about them. Games are beautiful and the control panel is very user friendly.
I have also suggested it to my uncle and now he knows much better how to calibrate his hearing aid.

Bryan Wilkins

This family of apps is amazing! Finally, I understand what compression means. Some games are really fun while other ones are very instructives.

Joey Bell

It is rare to find apps for hearing loss and AudGam Pro is an excellent product. Since I use it, the relationship with disability has improved. I am no longer afraid to go for a periodic check-ups by an audiologist because now I understand well what parameters of hearing act in certain environments.

Sophie Louis

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